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  • AUGUST 14-15, 2018Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference

    The Virginia Cyber Range is hosting its first Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference for all Virginia high school, community college, and higher education faculty, administrators, and partners. 

  • APRIL 12TH - 13TH, 2018COV Information Security Conference

    The Commonwealth Information Security Council is holding its fifth annual Information Security Conference for the Commonwealth of Virginia to assist in fulfilling our shared mission of securing information. The conference will include expert presentations for those with responsibilities for managing, auditing or assessing information security in their organizations.


    The Palo Alto Networks Firewall 8.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (edu-210) course Is five days Of instructor-led training that will enable you to configure and manage the essential features of Palo Alto networks® next-generation firewalls.

  • SEPTEMBER 7, 2017Thomson Reuters to Establish Internal Cybersecurity Operations Center in Virginia

    Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced that Thomson Reuters will establish an internal cybersecurity operations center in the City of Richmond. The company will occupy approximately 10,000 square feet at Riverfront Plaza and plans to employ up to 60 people in highly specialized roles by the end of 2018. Virginia state officials met with the company and successfully recruited this project for the Commonwealth in February 2017 in San Francisco at the RSA Conference where Governor McAuliffe was a featured speaker.

  • SEPTEMBER 18, 2017Virginia Veteran Cyber Training (VVCT) Orientation

    Don't miss out on career in CyberSecurity! Major tech companies are offering FREE training to veterans to help fill more than 17,000 open cyber jobs in Virginia. Please join us in-person or virtually for our upcoming orientation! 

    Please note:to be eligible for VVCT training, you will need to complete a 15-hour prerequisite course Intro to CyberSecurity.

  • OCTOBER 14 AND OCTOBER 21Coders Experience

    These one-day events will take place at 10 different college campuses and educational centers around the state on Saturday, October 14 and 21. Our goal is to get 100 girls who are interested in technology to attend at each location. This translates to 1,000 middle schoolers around the state gaining tech knowledge, skills and confidence!


    Capital One and the Virginia Secretary of Technology, Karen Jackson, are partnering to bring you the Women in Technology Experience November 15, 2017. Look for more information soon on how to participate in this inspiring day!

  • SEPT. 9TH - OCT. 25TH 2017Cyber Hygiene and Cyber Intelligence Bootcamp for K-12 STEAM Educators

    The bootcamp is an interdisciplinary train-the-trainers approach to help enhance VA educators‘ experience in cyber hygiene (the daily maintenance of an individual’s online safety - using strong passwords, updating software patches) and cyber intelligence (analysis of cyber threats). This course is designed to help educators better understand cyber threats, to enhance students’ online safety, and integrate cybersecurity into any course.

  • SAVE THE DATEFriday, October 13, 2017 2017 Regional Cybersecurity Conference

    Presented by: Thomas Nelson, Norfolk InfraGard & The Hampton Roads Cybersecurity Alliance

    Dr. Mary T. Christian Auditorium
    Templin Hall, 99 Thomas Nelson Drive

  • New Free Video Series Showcases Cybersecurity Careers

    As the Internet, computers and smart devices become increasingly integral to our lives, the need for ensuring the security of our networks, devices and data has become more critical and the demand for cyber workers more pressing. The cybersecurity field offers high paying, high demand jobs with high worker satisfaction. A shortage of more than 1.5 million cybersecurity workers globally is predicted by the year 2020. 

    (Global Information Security Workforce Study, 2015)

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